Have More Eureka Moments in your Life

Have you ever been researching a problem for hours on end and then finally stumble across the source of the problem and then scream “Eureka!” and quickly solve the problem?  Remember how good you felt as a result?

 I’d be willing to bet that you’d want to have more of those moments (but without the hours of painstaking research and without your users or boss looming over you impatiently waiting for a solution), right?

What if I told you that you could have complete visibility into your entire network — not just a few core links, and not just utilization and an “errors” graph, but complete knowledge of when network faults occur, where they occur, and exactly why they occur?  My guess is that you’d become addicted to such a solution because you could solve a ton of problems in your network and look and feel like the expert that you are.

Total Network Visibility is the ability to know when network faults occur in your network, and be able to quickly locate where and why it happened.

Your next “Eureka” moment is just a few minutes away….


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