IT Expo Summary

IT Expo turned out to be a lot busier than I expected — There definitely is an economic turnaround starting, at least in the cloud and hosted communities.

Here are some interesting points that were discovered during the show:

  • More and more Cloud-based services are rapidly coming to market, each solving a wide variety of problems in a very low-cost manner.
  • The cloud-based services are inherently stable and secure, but the networks that convey the services are not.
  • Companies don’t have good tools to troubleshoot their own internal networks, let alone extranets and the cloud.
  • Troubleshooting performance and stability issues take way too long, and are resulting in finger-pointing between the cloud services vendor, the network provider/carrier, and the local network and application teams.

The takeaway from this is that many enterprises that have converted to VoIP have call quality and stability problems within their own network.  If you add the cloud to this picture, it’ll only get worse.


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One Response to “IT Expo Summary”

  1. Glenn Goldberg Says:

    Tim, it was a very dynamic event–with your session one of the liveliest. Lots of buzz surrounding new communications technologies. But it all comes back to basics, and as you eloquently explained, addressing fundamental infrastructure issues is essential for cloud, UC, IP, and legacy communications.

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