The channel is thirsty – for Total Network Visibility

It’s been a whirlwind month for the PathSolutions team with intense interest from nearly every corner of the IT and comm sectors.
As a network engineer, I’ve had my share of frustration with the time-consuming and tedious nature of troubleshooting network issues that impact VoIP call quality and application performance. In the past few weeks, I’ve seen tangible evidence that many others share my pain.  And when they see exactly what PathSolutions can do to resolve this frustration, their eyes light up like someone who’s lost in the desert and then finds a tall cool glass of water.
At the recent ASCII Success Summit, resellers and MSPs came to the PathSolutions booth in droves to learn more about automated network monitoring and root-cause analysis.  Whether their interest was in a managed service offering, network assessment, or enabling customers to achieve Total Network Visibility, the response was virtually unanimous – Wow! ASCII is the world’s largest organization of independent IT solution providers, integrators and value added resellers (VARs) in the world.  They must like what we’re doing– they selected PathSolutions v4.1 as 2011 Best New Product!
The conversations with these networking experts crossed a myriad of topics, but at the root of each was the lack of an easy-to-use visibility tool in the marketplace.  Maximizing resource efficiency is one way these independent businesspeople ensure customer satisfaction and maintain profitability.   A pesky intermittent network issue that causes degraded VoIP call quality could consume many months of profit using old-fashioned troubleshooting.  With PathSolutions’ Total Network Visibility suite, the prescription for resolving the issue is placed at the engineer’s fingertips shortly after the software is installed–and that in itself only takes 12 minutes.
The extraordinarily fast installation and nearly instantaneous availability of actionable solutions also raised some eyebrows at the Enterprise Connect conference – the premier VoIP and telecom show in the US.   With the steady and rapid migration to VoIP for mission-critical applications in the enterprise, network monitoring is garnering a lot of interest, and the immediate ROI of the PathSolutions products really stood out amongst the folks we spoke with.
And finally, at the Channel Partners conference, the communications industry’s only event exclusively for indirect sales organizations, we saw intense interest in how PathSolutions could help these resellers differentiate themselves from the crowd with fast and simple monitoring that offers a comfortable recurring revenue.
We are working hard to satisfy the thirst in the industry. And later this year, we’ll even add a few more ice cubes to the glass – so stay tuned for news about new Total Network Visibility features and capabilities.


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